“As a self-insured public agency for Workers' Compensation, we have personally experienced many great years of service. Their immediate response to our questions and requests, timely recoveries from our excess insurance carriers, and great audit results (to name a few services), have made the "Simon Companies" a pleasure to partner with.” -Michele Maloney, Benefits Manager, The City of Monterey.


Integrated Services, Individual Accountability


What’s missing from most claims programs is something that’s not always clear….but it should be.

Hidden fees, overutilization and price gouging abound in the ancillary service market. The problem is pervasive and State reporting results confirm, cost-containment has become a cost driver.

To combat rising costs, employers are often forced to spend considerable time and resources deciphering complex reports and fee structures to determine the effectiveness and true cost of the service.  Other employers have sought to unbundle ancillary services, but unbundling adds another layer of vendor management that can increase frustration and confusion.  

Why isn't there a company that combines a fully-integrated, yet transparent suite of ancillary services with the individual accountability of an unbundled program.

Pegasus Risk Management is that company.

Pegasus Risk Management offers a full range of ancillary services, including bill review, ppo networks,  nurse case management, utilization review, and investigations. The services all operate independently, with their own respective books of business, offering the accountability of an unbundled program.  When combined, however, the services communicate clearly and operate cohesively, offering the ease and value of a bundled program- the best of both worlds.

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