“As a self-insured public agency for Workers' Compensation, we have personally experienced many great years of service. Their immediate response to our questions and requests, timely recoveries from our excess insurance carriers, and great audit results (to name a few services), have made the "Simon Companies" a pleasure to partner with.” -Michele Maloney, Benefits Manager, The City of Monterey.

Custom Program Design

Innovative Solutions in Real Time


Customization is at the heart of Pegasus Risk Management’s philosophy— made possible by our privately-held status and the experience and abilities of our team.

Pegasus understands that no single solution, program or workflow can possibly meet the myriad needs of a dynamic client base. Public entities, private corporations, and insurance companies each experience unique pressures, pain points and cost drivers.

Pegasus Risk Management analyzes real time data to identify our your specific needs, and can strategize innovative solutions to resolve identified issues. Because our accountability chain begins and ends with our clients, modification of your program doesn’t require a request form in triplicate and a review by our Board of Directors. Changes are made quickly and as often as necessary to keep your program working to its full potential.